How To Win At Selling? Embrace The Hard Stuff

Working in sales is the quickest way to become financially independent. All you need is a product that you care about and then the rest of the task is on you.

It’s not like entrepreneurship where you need to test potential products, build a team, understand cashflow and master marketing to have even a small percent chance of success. Sales is without all of those burdens, with most of the financial pay off.

It’s not like being a doctor or having similar high paying job. There’s no gatekeeper or crazy exam results when you’re a kid (and most likely an immature, unfocused idiot like what I was) that you need to get nailed to get into college to study the subject. There’s no 10 years of having your face in a book and thousands in debt before you actually start earning anything.

Sales is the holy grail for anyone who wants to become financially free as it’s accessible.

I don’t believe that salespeople are born. There is enough research that shows anyone can become charismatic, that everyone can have influence and we all know that when we really get into a topic we can become insanely knowledgeable about it.

The only thing that separates those B2B sales professionals that win and those that loose a slow, spiteful, painful death of rejection, sales managers shouting in their faces and calls from their partners to spend more time at home is WORK.

Want to win at selling?

For get all the books, fuck The Salesman Podcast and for sure don’t be paying over the odds for some washed out sales guru’s online video course…

Find someone within your company that is destroying their quota, copy them, don’t come up for air for 18 months and embrace the hard stuff.

The hard stuff makes you feel good. The hard stuff, for long enough, leads to success.


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