#520: Will A.I. Take Your Sales Job? (OR WILL IT HELP YOU CLOSE MORE SALES?) With Victor Antonio

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Victor Antonio is a sales legend, he’s an A.I. in sales expert and he has a killer Youtube channel too.

On this episode of The Salesman Podcast Victor explains what A.I. is and how it’s going to help you close more deals in the next few years.


What you will learn in this episode:

In this episode Victor shares –

  • Why A.I. is going to help salespeople close deals (not make your jobs nonexistent)
  • How big data holds the keys to your weakest points as a sales professional
  • What jobs will change and what will stay the same in sales


Video Podcast:

Audio Podcast and Timestamps:

  • [00:36] – Intro
  • [01:14] – What the heck is A.I.?
  • [06:37] – Genuine “big data” in sales
  • [16:23] – How far away are we from having an SDR role replaced by a computer?
  • [26:33] – What will change in B2B sales with A.I. and machine learning and what will stay the same
  • [33:49] – Does this force sales and marketing to merge into the same team?


Resources mentioned:



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