Why Selling Frameworks Help You Win More Business

All professionals use frameworks.

A framework is a step-by-step process to achieve a predetermined goal.

Well-defined frameworks separate professionals who win, from hacks that can only dream of success.

A surgeon doesn’t guess their way through an operation. They follow a framework to remove the tumor.

An engineer doesn’t use a hunch to decide how deep the foundations need to be. They follow a framework to calculate the correct depth.

For salespeople, frameworks are the key to reliably beating quota and making serious money.

There are selling frameworks to convert competitor accounts and selling frameworks to connect with potential buyers. Frameworks to become more assertive and frameworks to generate more referrals.

There are 27 fundamental selling frameworks in total.

But if frameworks make winning that simple, why doesn’t everyone use them?

The biggest hurdle to using frameworks in sales is intuition.

Selling culture has embraced the intuitive seller.

We don’t talk bout the salesman who worked 9-5, followed the frameworks and reached 140% of his sales target.

We do bang on about the seller who followed their passion, went above and beyond for their buyer or who used some new psychological trick to close a deal.

Salespeople stress when their manager asks them about their pipeline progress. But they bustle with excitement when they share a gut feeling about a deal.

If selling frameworks make you nervous, it’s probably because they threaten your reliance on intuition. It’s time to get over it.

If you want to beat quota and make some serious money, start using frameworks. It’s time to become a professional.

Ready to get started? I’ve outlined all 27 of the fundamental selling frameworks a free training video and workbook. You can find it for a limited time at Salesman.org/Training.

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