Why “MORE” Doesn’t Win Sales

Make more calls. Send more emails. Knock on more doors. Use more technology. More!

It doesn’t work.

The problem for most salespeople isn’t that they need more.

The problem is that they don’t know how to sell.

At a certain point, giving a racing driver more power, more grip, more downforce doesn’t make the car go faster.

Skill becomes the limiting factor.

Would I beat Lewis Hamilton in a race if my car had 20% more horsepower?

Heck no.

Would I be able to keep up with Lewis if I had an instructor next to me and another additional 50% horsepower?


If your buyer doesn’t care about your story and the value that you deliver to the market, then it doesn’t matter how many times you reach out.

More isn’t the solution to your problem. Getting better at selling is the answer.

“So, Will you big smart arse, how do I get better at selling them?”

There are four steps –

  • Personality – Become the person who is comfortable talking about money, being rejected, and doing the work.
  • Process – Understand the step-by-step frameworks that take a person from prospect to buyer.
  • Platform – Become known in your industry as an expert and shortcut the sales cycle by going straight to adding value.
  • Performance – Turbocharge your efforts by becoming motivated, productive, and influential.

More interruption is lazy. It’s lazy because if you really did know how to sell, you’d impact your prospects rather than send them more crap.

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