Watch Gary Vaynerchuk Put Grant Cardone In His Place Over Cease And Desist Letter

The super successful marketer gives the sales guru a sales lesson he’ll never forget.

Now, I love the sales content that both Gary Vaynerchuk and Grant Cardone put out but I couldn’t help put this video together today when I saw Gary putting Grant right back in his place.



Aside from the two alphas fighting over superior body language (I always wonder if that kind of thing is consciously thought out or just happens naturally for some people) both Gary and Grant are super successful in what they do.


But are we finally seeing a shift?

Are the days of the hounding, cold calling, pestering, chasing salesman dead?

Has being overtly aggressive, bullying and manipulating in sales always been the wrong way to go about things?

With the onset of social media and people just generally living their lives more openly there is no longer an excuse for not having a context driven sales conversation with prospects.

Sure there will be people who you know could benefit from your product but are not ready to accept that fact for a number of reasons –

  • Have their mind on other problems
  • More immediate fires to put out
  • Don’t care enough about their job/company
  • Want to plod along day to day and not face the stress of change

This is a challenge that is solved buy asking questions, being an industry expert and showing the value up front, not by repeatedly calling a prospect until they have to pay money, out of their own pockets to have a cease and desist letter written up.

Just the fact that Grant uploaded these videos and a sales blogger like myself can pick them up, edit them and spit them out with my own opinions shows me that the world has changed enough that context in sales is not a nice to have, it’s a necessity. 


What do you think?

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