Upgrade your sales motivation by speaking with your future self

When you find your motivation is slowing but you’ve still more prospecting that needs to be done, it’s tempting to tell yourself that it’s time for a break. The issue is that you know damn well you’re never getting back to the phone or computer once you stop working.

A powerful psychological tick to leverage in this situation is to remember that there are two versions of you.

One is your present self. The you that can’t be bothered and wants to go watch some TV or make some food.

The other is your future self.

Before you clock off and grab some pizza, it’s worth checking in with your future self and listening to what he has to say on the matter.

Your future self would likely say that the pizza doesn’t taste great after the first few bites and the TV show was a waste of time and so your time would have been better spent making a few more calls.