#519: Uncovering Buyer Needs (How To Close Sales Easier!) With Misha McPherson

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Misha has over 20 years experience in tech sales and has built sales enablement programs for companies like Mixpanel, Yammer (acquired by Microsoft), Yahoo!, Monster, and more.

On this episode of The Salesman Podcast Misha explains the step by step process to uncover your buyers needs so that you can close bigger deals, faster.


What you will learn in this episode:

In this episode Misha shares –

  • Why the prospect’s needs depend on how long they’ve been with the company
  • How to document the process and reply it back to the customer
  • The importance shutting up when you’ve hit the nail on the head in discovery meetings


Video Podcast:

Audio Podcast and Timestamps:

  • [00:36] – Intro
  • [01:24] – High-level business goals that everyone has
  • [02:18] – How to uncover the prospects main job goals
  • [05:05] – How needs change over the time the prospect has worked at the company
  • [12:41] – When should we “shut the hell up” as we’ve uncovered the true need of the prospect
  • [17:05] – What do to when a customer can’t see a need that is clear to us
  • [30:10] – Documenting that a need as been established and showing that we can smash it to pieces


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