The surprising hack to make sales easier (backed by science)

Daniel Kahneman is a noble prize winning psychologist who discovered a process that happens within the human brain that will make your life in sales easier…

Your customers don’t remember every single interaction they have with you. It’s quite the opposite. 

They only remember the peak moment out of your engagements and then the final time you communicated with them.

This is counter intuitive to how most sales professionals engage with their potential prospects. They tend to tip toe in, social sell, get visible and slowly start to ramp up the value.

This takes a lot of time, effort and resources. If we factor Kahneman’s research into the mix, might we be better off going in hot and heavy with a tonne of value up front?

We can then do the minimum required to move the deal forward in the middle of the sales process an wrap things up with a strong finish.

What do you think?


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