How To Send Effective Sales Emails (THAT WORK!) With Ryan O’Hara And Cole Fox

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Ryan O’Hara is a VP of Growth and Cole Fox is a Chief Sales Hacker, both working out of LeadIQ which is a service that I personally love and use daily.

On this episode Ryan and Cole share what is working in the field to get sales emails opened and replied to. No theory, real world examples.

What you will learn in this episode:

Ryan and Cole explain the following in this episode of the Salesman Podcast LIVE –

  • Why a little extra work up front means your more effective at the closing stage
  • Why you should be comfortable about screenshoting your emails and putting them on social media (if you’re not comfortable doing this, then you’re doing something gross and scummy – STOP IT)
  • That you need to be conscious of sucking peoples time with emails if you’re not adding value to them



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