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Sell Anyone Anything (Using The Reality Gap)

This post is a quick and dirty one.

Want to know how to sell anyone, anything? Using the “reality gap”?

Then stay tuned.

What is selling?

Before you can sell anyone, anything, you need to understand what selling is.

Luckily I can explain it in around 5 seconds.

Selling is getting somebody else to do something that benefits them.

Straight forward right?

But what’s the difference then between selling someone and manipulating them?

The difference is that selling someone means that everyone wins. When you manipulate a person only you in.

OK so with selling defined, how do we get people to take action and do whatever it is that is of benefit to everyone?

Selling VS self motivation

Well when you want to do something you get up and do it right?

You make a decision and then take action.

But someone who needs to be sold hasn’t made a decision yet and there’s usually something holding them back from doing so. This is called the “reality gap”.

Let me explain.

The Reality Gap

The person who you’re selling is living in their current reality, but there is a better future reality they’d like to move towards.

In their future reality they might be rich, slim, less stressed…

But there is something holding them back from moving from one reality to another. The thing that is blocking their pathway is the “reality gap”. 

This “reality gap” could be that the buyer doesn’t know the steps needed to go from their current reality to their future reality. It could be that they haven’t secured the budget to make the leap yet.

The reality gap could be made up of infinite issues.

All you have to do to sell someone though is to find out what these issues are and eliminate them one by one.

Selling anyone, anything really is as simple as that.

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