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Finally, an effective sales training program that shows you how to make selling simple and close more deals, step-by-step.


Meet your instructor: Will Barron

Hi, I’m Will Barron.

You probably know me from hosting the Salesman Podcast, the  Apple award winning show that HubSpot recognizes as “the worlds most downloaded sales podcast”.


As you’ll see in a minute, after 700+ podcast interviews,  2,000+ SalesCode assessments and hundreds of sales success stories, I recently developed a B2B selling system that actually works.

But you might be surprised to hear that, before I figured out the secrets to winning in sales, I struggled to close deals.

I got fired from my first sales job

I started out selling chemical catalyst to the pharmaceutical market.

I wanted to hit the ground running and so I consumed everything I could from traditional sales trainers; their books, their podcasts, their paid training content.

You know the kind of training I’m talking about.

But nothing worked.

I quickly realized that 57% of traditionally trained sales professionals missed their sales quota each year (CSO insights) and I’d just become another addition to that statistic.


Traditional sales trainers failed me and I got fired from that sales job after just a few months in the role.

That’s when I decided to hop off the “just do as we say” traditional sales training bandwagon. Instead, I’d hunker down and test everything myself.

And I discovered something surprising…

BAM! - I had a breakthrough

I got a sales job selling medical devices to surgeons.

As first I struggled but I slowly improved my game.

Then, after years of trial and error, I FINALLY found something that instantly worked.

It was one of those “light bulb” moments you see in cartoons.

I realized that:

The traditional sales training industry had over complicated the selling process.

They encouraged more cold calls, more spammy emails, more junk selling.

But instead of throwing a wishy washy message out to everyone in the market, when you understand what you sell and put it in front of the right people, sales happen easily.

I stopped trying to convince “meh” prospects to buy my products and I spend more time with prospects who wanted to say “hell yeah”.

I made selling simple and my results went through the roof.

Here's What Happened Next:

A few months later I launched Salesman.org and the Salesman Podcast.

When I launched I knew that I was entering into one of the oldest and most brutally competitive industries on the planet (sales training).

(Think about it: All salespeople think they’re great at selling. Sales trainers are even more outlandish with their claims)

So I simplified the entire sales process by turning it into 30 fundamental selling frameworks.

(A selling framework is a proven step-by-step process that gets a specific result.)


And I called the system the “Selling Made Simple Academy”.

Not the most creative name. But it gets the job done :).

Then I invited a small group of sales people to join the program and test out the selling frameworks for themselves.

The Results Were, Well... Pretty Insane

"It helped me become a better seller"

- Ken, B2B Sales Professional

Introducing Selling Made Simple Academy 2.0


Since the inital launch of Selling Made Simple Academy, I’ve made dozens of updates in the program.

And I recently overhauled the SalesCode assessment and the entire training program from start-to-finish.

For the first time ever I’m releasing Selling Made Simple Academy 2.0, my new sales training program that shows you exactly how use simple, step-by-step selling frameworks to close more sales.

The best part? The frameworks in the program are all working right now.


In depth Sales Training

No fluff. No theory. Just 100% actionable material to help you close more sales in record time.


Always Up-To-Date

You never have to worry about outdated stuff. Our material is always current and up-to-date.


All About Results

If you want a high level, "academic" approach to selling, this isn't for you. Selling Made Simple Academy is engineered to deliver RESULTS.


Works In Any Industry

Our material has been tested by 2,000+ students, in 51 countries, spanning 200+ industries. And it works.

A Peak Inside of the Program

Here's a sneak preview of that you'll learn in Selling Made Simple Academy


Module #1: Understand Your Market


Module #2: Get In Front Of Buyers


Module #3: Explain the Value


Module #4: Close the Sale


Module #5: Mental Game

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30 selling frameworks designed to get you to the top 1% in weeks rather than decades.

Here's How It Works

Exclusive sales assessment, software tools, templates and step-by-step guides


#1 Assessment

Take our SalesCode™ assessment and learn what you excel at and what you need to work on.


#2 Training

Run through the 30 essential selling frameworks, step-by-step, that make winning in sales, simple.


#3 Practice

Use our SalesCoach™ practice tool to keep on top of and improve your sales skills over time.


#4 Community

Get support and motivation from a community of high performing sales professionals.

Next Level Sales Training

Traditional sales training is dead. Selling Made Simple Academy is the future.


Lifetime Updates​

Get access to updated and upgraded versions of the program no extra charge.


Growing Community​

Learn from a thriving community of helpful sales professionals and sales experts.


Lifetime Access​

You get access to all the content, tools and step-by-step guides for life.


Proven System

A proven selling system that works in ANY industry.


At Your Own Pace

No need to rush. You can take on the training at your own pace.


Advanced Strategies ​

Advanced selling strategies that you won't find anywhere else.

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A few more examples from our 2,000+ graduates...

Here's a sneak preview of that you'll learn in Selling Made Simple Academy

"If you're in sales and you want to take your game to the next level, go to Salesman.org"

Liam, B2B sales professional

Absolute satisfaction guarantee

Our training program is proven with thousands of graduates. However, if you're still unsure about joining we offer a full 30-day money back guarantee.

Take the program risk free. Complete training program and if you're not happy with the results, we'll refund you in full.

Here Are Answers to Your Top Questions

Here are answers to the most common questions that we get.

Will this work in my industry?

Selling Made Simple Academy is the proven system trusted by over 2,000 sales professionals, in 51 countries, spanning 40+ different industries.

In fact, we’ve yet to come across a B2B space that SMSA doesn’t work.

The Bottom line? Selling Made Simple Academy helps B2B sales professionals simplify their sales process, by leveraging simple selling frameworks so they can maximize their commission bonuses.

How does the training content work? Is it webinars? Videos? Live classes?

Selling Made Simple Academy 2.0 is made up of 5 core modules. Each module has a 4-12 pre-recorded video workshops.

In addition to these videos, you also get step-by-step worksheets for each workshop. These worksheets make taking action on the material ridiculously easy.

Here’s an example of what the workshops look like:

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Want to see exactly what content we cover in the program? Click the button to download a PDF of the Selling Made Simple Academy curriculum:

How does the SalesCode™ Assessment work?

Through thousands of sales assessment results, we narrowed down that there are 12 traits that all high performance sales professions process.

The SalesCode Assessment will tell you which of these high performer traits you have, those that you’re missing and will personalize your training plan so you can learn them.

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How does the SalesCoach™ practice tool work?

87% of traditional sales training is forgotten within 30 days…

That is why we created the SalesCoach practice tool and include it within the Selling Made Simple Academy. 

The SalesCoach practice tool takes everything that you’re learning and implementing in the training workshops and creates a bespoke to you, ever evolving practice quiz.

SalesCoach leverages “spaced-repetition-learning” to quiz you on content that is just about to be forgotten. 

This gives the training time to form connections between ideas and concepts and reinforces it so that it can easily be recalled in the future.

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Do I have to show up at any particular time... or is everything recorded?

If you’re busy (you’re a sales professional, of course you’re busy), then I’ve got great news:

All of the training material in Selling Made Simple Academy 2.0 is pre-recorded video and interactive worksheets that are available to access in on the platform anytime.

That means if things are a little hectic for you right now, no worries. You can take the program whenever things settle down for you. The material will be there waiting for you whenever you’re ready.

And because you have lifetime access to the training materials, you can go at your own pace (or revisit the course anytime).

What if I decide it’s not for me?

No problem. Your Selling Made Simple Academy enrollment is protected by a 30-day guarantee.

If you work through all the training material and you don’t improve your sales results, you’re entitled to a full refund.

Who tends to sign up for Selling Made Simple Academy?

Great question.

65% of our students are between the ages of 25-44. Here’s the complete age breakdown:


Most of our students are B2B sales professionals but there are some other groups of people in the program as well:


Selling Made Simple Academy members represent 40+ different industries. The most popular industries are professional services, SAAS and information services:


How long does it take to go through the program?

Short answer: It depends. If you do an 1-2 hours training a day, you can get through the training material in a couple of weeks. 

Long answer: Implementing the strategies will take some additional time.

As you’ll see when you enroll, I designed Selling Made Simple Academy 2.0 to be a lean, streamlined approach to B2B sales training.

That means that – even if you’re super busy working in your sales roll right now – you’ll have more than enough time to implement the strategies from the training.

And like I mentioned earlier, you have lifetime access to the training materials, tools and platform.

That means you can stop anytime. And the material will be waiting for you on the platform whenever you need it.

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