Our Mission

Our mission at Salesman.org is simple. We are working to make sales a true profession.

The mission of making sales a profession has three steps:

  1. Standardise the industry
  2. Simply the processes
  3. Systematise everything

The mission benefits both sales professionals and our customers:

Sales Professionals:

When your customers understand the value that you’re providing them in a transparent manor, they will respect you like they respect their legal and accounting partners.

When sales has been professionalised and there is a simple, standard process across the industry there is no need to manipulate, pressure or feel guilty about winning new business.


When sales professionals work in a transparent and open manor there is no need for their customers to hide information, feel pressured or talk down to their sales partners.

This transparent and open partnership allows more value to be exchanged in a faster and more impactful way.

Our Values

  1. Student success comes before everything else.
  2. Data always wins over hunches.
  3. Decade long decisions always over rule short term success.
  4. Less is more. If it is being done in 5 steps we try to make it 2.