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Multi-Million Dollar Cold Email Prospecting Template

Josh Braun shared a story and email template a little while back on The Salesman Podcast.

Josh shared how a single email lead to a massive deal for his company all because the email did a few specific things. The email –

  • Uncovered a problem for the buyer.
  • Created a hypothesis about what was causing the problem.
  • Shared a video showing a demo of how the problem could be solved.


The email went like this –

Hi X,

For the past couple of weeks, I’ve invested considerable time reviewing GEICO’s insurance quote and sign up process (yes I study this kind of stuff for a living).

I have an idea that might increase the amount of people that complete the sign up process while improving the online customer experience.

You can see a sneak peek here.

Free free to say no, but does this sound interesting?



Did Josh do anything game changing here? No. Not really. And I’m sure his ego would be fine in me saying that too. 

Josh found a problem, identified there’s a way to solve it and then demonstrated the solution.

That last step of demonstrating the solution is key. Have a think if there’s any part of the problem that you solve for your buyers that you could demo in an email rather than just describe.

Finally Josh also did a few subtle things here that we didn’t cover on the podcast specifically.

By saying “yes I study this for a living”, Josh is positioning himself as an industry expert rather than a pesky salesperson.

And he’s using what we call Closing 3.0 in our Salesman.org training of asking “does it sound interesting?” rather than “want to book a call in my diary?” like what most people seem to be doing right now.


I’ve used a personalised version of Josh’s email to secure a few sales meetings of my own.

But it was this comment from Nicolas Barnes in our Salesman.org member community that triggered me to want to share this cold prospecting email template with you today –

I dropped Nicloas as message in the community and he’s had a bunch of meetings with the CRO since he reported in. He’s confident in closing a multi-million-dollar deal with him.

Pretty cool, right?

So why not give this email template a try and report back in the comments how it goes.

Don’t forget to personalise it but have fun with it too!

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