MORE Ways To Win Attention And Close Sales In The LinkedIn Feed | Social Selling Show

On this week’s Social Selling Show, Daniel and Will discuss how to get attention, and most importantly, sales lead from posting content in the LinkedIn news feed. Today, they explore the different social media features of LinkedIn, including polls, stories, lives, hashtags and more.

Daniel Disney is the author of The Million-Pound LinkedIn Message

“The core moral of the story with this is go and share content. Give value to your audience but make sure you have that authentic heart. Make sure you are genuinely motivated by giving value to your prospects, your customers and your network.That’s where success lies. Don’t do it for the likes. Don’t do it for the comments. Don’t do it to try and sell something. Do actually want to give value.” -Daniel Disney

LinkedIn Polls

Daniel shares that polls can be a good source of engagement. Although he prefers to do polls only once or twice a month, he emphasizes that the focus should be on the frequency but the quality of your polls. While Daniel recommends having polls relevant to your brand, he says that creating fun once from time can also be beneficial for your company.

“They have created it [polls] in a way that is going to drive engagement so either create a poll where people have a strong opinion and will want to add their thoughts or that they’re going to be super curious to see what the results are what everyone else is voting for. They’re going to vote to see the results. So yeah, polls are really good but again make sure that they’re engaging and that they’re valuable.” -Daniel Disney


With the numerous and heavy content available in the LinkedIn feed, the introduction of stories has been a breath of fresh air in the platform. Daniel explains that the popularity of stories may be attributed to LinkedIn post’s several limitations. For instance, the algorithm for Linked works effectively with only a single post per day. Stories have no such restrictions, and users can add four to five stories per day without appearing spam or intrusive as people would have control over which stories they want to view.

 “It definitely aligns with your personality, if you’re quite outgoing, if you are quite a content creator, then stories can work well. But they’re not in any way taking attention away from core content.”- Daniel Disney

Be Searchable

Linked seemed to adapt the features that work well on other social media platforms, including hashtags. For Daniel, the role of the hashtags is to make your post searchable and trackable, therefore driving more audience to the post. Like every tool in LinkedIn, Daniel reminds us to use hashtags wisely. Rather than spamming 10-20 hashtags per post, improve on making quality content. 

“It [hashtags] makes your post visible, but it doesn’t have a huge impact on engagement. Having hashtags isn’t going to drive more likes and comments, the post will do that, have a good post. The hashtag is to make it trackable and searchable,sure.”- Daniel Disney

Social Selling Show Hosts:

  • Daniel Disney is the King of Social Selling, a best-selling author, and keynote speaker. Daniel is also the founder of The Daily Sales.
  • Will Barron is the founder of Salesman.org, where he helps B2B sales professionals master modern sales in just 42 days.