More Choices, More Problems In Sales

Salespeople face too many choices.

Most of the time they invest time and effort in random things and then hope to get a result.

They do a bit of this, a little of that and then complain that they don’t make consistent sales.

There is a simple solution to facing choice overload. It’s called the 2×2 chart.

When the best salespeople have too many choices, they focus on things that have a big positive outcome and a high chance of success.

They drop everything else.

This might sound simple but it’s not easy.

Those small positive outcomes will stack up fast in the short term and you’ll feel good about achieving them. But long term you’ll look back and wonder why you didn’t go bigger.

Those moon-shot low chance of success plays might be super exciting to go after and you’ll feel good chasing them. But long term you’ll look back and ponder why you didn’t go after something that you were more likely to achieve.

Often in sales, the hardest part is making the right choices rather than doing the grunt work.

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