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On this week’s Social Selling Show, Daniel and Will look at the benefits of personal branding for B2B sales professionals and how it can make their lives easier and more profitable.

Personal Brand and Selling

Daniel kept it brief and simple when he described what personal branding meant for him. It is basically your reputation and how people perceive you. Whether good or bad, it is something everybody has, regardless if you have a digital presence or not. 

Will poses an important question as it relates to selling, “if your name doesn’t come up when someone searches for you, is it a reflection of the personal brand that you have or do not have?” Daniel says establishing an online presence boosts your personal brand, but there are a lot of people, including a number of salesmen, who do well without an online presence.

“I’ve seen so many more salespeople, build and leverage personal brands where we’ve gone into this remote virtual working environment.” – Daniel Disney

One Foot Inside The Door

Will shares his experience working with a well-known German medical equipment brand. This company published dozens of academic research and has spent time with surgeons who use their equipment. What’s in it for Will, as the salesman for them? Will describes it as having one foot inside the door. 

He doesn’t have to “overly sell” as the company has already “built their reputation.”

“Again, it goes beyond the brand. Individuals are building huge brands and huge audiences ―where a lot of people either don’t know what is going on or what they actually do. They know the person, they like the person, they’ve received a lot of value from the person.” – Daniel Disney

The Big Advantage To Salespeople

Daniel and Will dive deep into the advantages of personal brand to salespeople. They talk about different salesmen and how they produced podcasts, or consistent Linkedin content. Ultimately, they leveled up their game and gain positive popularity online, in turn gaining more leads for their companies.  

“It is pretty easy and free to obtain. Yep, it doesn’t take years. You don’t need any prerequisites. Anyone can do it, anyone has the opportunity. It just takes a small amount of work.” – Daniel Disney

To learn more about how to Make Selling Easy With A Better Personal Brand with Daniel Disney, the King of Social Selling, download and listen to this episode. 

Social Selling Show Hosts:

  • Daniel Disney is the King of Social Selling, a best selling author and keynote speaker. Daniel is also the founder of The Daily Sales.
  • Will Barron is the founder of where he helps B2B sales professionals master modern sales in just 42 days.

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