How To Win Attention And Deals In The LinkedIn Feed | Social Selling Show

On this week’s Social Selling Show, Daniel and Will discuss how to get attention, how to build a personal brand, and most importantly, sales lead from posting content in the LinkedIn news feed. They also share the elements of content creation in LinkedIn.

“If you want people to follow you, if you want to give value to people, if you want to own credibility, to build a brand, become a thought leader or someone credible and valuable in your industry. You need to be giving something and content is the thing that you give through social media.” – Daniel Disney

LinkedIn Presence

According to Daniel, if companies want people to know their brand or perceive them as credible in the industry, they should have a presence on LinkedIn. One way to achieve this is by posting content and engaging with the audience in the comments. Daniel also suggests that posting content once and commenting at least thrice per day is ideal to receive positive returns.

“If they are not interesting and exciting, no one is going to click, open, and read the rest of it. The next important one, and everyone will hopefully resonate with this is you need to have those spaces between the sentences.” -Daniel Disney

The Best Form of Content

Daniel also explains that there are many ways to construct content on Linkedin and in his eight-year experience in using the platform, what generally performs well is text-posts. He offers two tips in writing the content: first, make the first three lines stand-out. Second, add spaces between sentence posts. These two can help pique the interest of your audience and hook them with your content.

“If they’re not interesting, or exciting, no one is going to click and open and read the rest   of it. So have a good opener. The next important one, and everyone will hopefully resonate with this, you need to have those spaces between the sentences” – Daniel Disney

Variety Posts

While text-posts have trended in LinkedIN for the past years, other forms of content are equally important to engage your audience. When managing his LinkedIn presence, Daniel makes it a habit to post different kinds of content from text, images, videos, polls, and more. Utilizing all the forms of content helped Daniel to maximize his reach to a broader audience.

“the best strategy and advice I can give is variety. The people that lost on LinkedIn, the people that are growing brands over years, not just weeks and months are the ones that choose a variety of posts, I see a lot of people just do one type of post and there will be a bit of a climb, then they’ll plateau.” – Daniel 

Social Selling Shows Hosts:

  • Daniel Disney is the King of Social Selling, a best-selling author, and keynote speaker. Daniel is also the founder of The Daily Sales.
  • Will Barron is the founder of Salesman.org where he helps B2B sales professionals master modern sales in just 42 days.