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On this episode, Daniel and Will talk about what everybody is raving about — Linkedin video messages. We talk about how to use it, for what cases and why you should add this to your cold calling, written and audio messages while prospecting in Linkedin.

“Yeah, they are certainly not the be-all-and-end-all, as a lot of people are suggesting they’re not that one form of messaging to rule them all. There are as many people who hate getting video messages as there are who like getting them. They are a good critical, valuable source of messaging, but they are no more valuable than audio messages or written messages.” – Daniel Disney

Replacement For Face-to-Face

Receiving overly templated, spam messages is always easy to ignore. However, Will shares when he receives video messages in his inbox, he feels extra guilty ignoring it, as it seems like the sender went the extra mile. Daniel agrees and says that the key for successful video messages is to keep it personalized. Further, Daniel shares the importance of sending video messages, as an add on to your written and voice messages.

“Certainly in our current climate, it’s the best that we have face to face replacements. Video messages can and should be used at all parts of the sales process. So you can use video messages well for prospecting.” – Daniel Disney

Do Your Homework 

Daniel advises salesmen to do your homework, as it is a crucial part of keeping the video messages personalized. A quick browse through the prospects Linkedin profile and personalized message on how your offer fits the prospects needs is the way to go. Aside from that, you can also determine if the prospect is a “hey” type of person or a “hi” type of person.

“Above all of it, Will, is, treat everyone individually. So don’t try and create a blanket approach that you use on everyone.” – Daniel Disney

Content and Hardware Needed

Daniel and Will both agree on going on the “soft approach” with video messaging. It’s a great way to introduce yourself, for the prospect to see the man/woman behind the messages. Daniel also advises to keep the CTAs (such as book a call with us) in your audio or written messages. 

The duo also discussed the technical aspect of recording and sending video messages, from the messaging to the actual hardware needed for an effective video message.

“Let your sales team have the equipment they need to send good video messages. And if you are back in the office, or you’re going to be heading back in the office, I’ve seen a lot of companies now build video pods in the sales floor, having special areas where salespeople can record the messages with a good background, good lighting, etc.” – Daniel Disney

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  • Daniel Disney is the King of Social Selling, a best selling author and keynote speaker. Daniel is also the founder of The Daily Sales.
  • Will Barron is the founder of where he helps B2B sales professionals master modern sales in just 42 days.

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