How To Refocus Your Sales Team For MEGA SUCCESS With Jarrod Glandt | Sales Leadership Show

On this episode of the Sales Leadership Show, Jarrod Glandt,  President of Grant Cardone Enterprises, explains how he leads his sales team, what he looks out for in new hires, and how to refocus people towards mega success.

Leading Your Sales Team

Training consistently and instilling discipline are the core values in building a great sales team. Jarrod shares with us how they aggressively build a culture of high performers. Regardless if they are dealing with newbies or veterans, the management team makes sure they require the same amount of time and dedication from their salespeople.

“The athletes, at the highest levels of their sport, you get them to perform the way that they do, because they train more, they don’t train less. They’re not too good to train. They train more. They understand the value of refining their craft and repeating, what seemingly, mundane exercises.” – Jarrod Glandt 

Refocus Towards Success

Jarrod experienced 50% growth across 2020 and suggests it’s most likely because Cardone Enterprises’ client base “represents every type of business you can imagine.” He focuses now on how to maintain what they had last year and find ways to do things better this year. 

He also gave some tips on businesses that were hit hard last year. He advises focusing on the needs of the customers and to find out problems that extend beyond your current product or service. 

“You already have a relationship, you’ve already exchanged money with them. So you need to start thinking about how else you can serve your customers.” – Jarrod Glandt

Profile of A Winner

Jarrod describes the profile of a real “winner.” These people are constantly looking for the next bigger deal to close. They are interested in new things and are always, on top of their game. Moreover, they are the people who constantly look at how they can better themselves. 

“That doesn’t mean you have to have a million-dollar goal. But you have to figure out what’s important to you. You have to figure out a way to drive towards that every day. Otherwise, you will end up lacking purpose and lacking drive, and lacking motivation. Then you’re just going to be unhappy.”- Jarrod Glandt 


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