How To Pitch So Your Audience Will Listen (And Buy!) with Robin Kermode

Robin Kermode joins Will on this episode of the Salesman Podcast to share with Sales Nation why we need to drop our corporate persona’s and speak so our audience can actually listen.





Pitch So Your Audience Will Listen

The show is kicked off with Robin explaining the biggest issue he most often comes up against when training people how to give effective sales pitches, getting the presenter to just be themselves.

“The trouble is, people just stop being themselves…” – Robin Kermode

Robin shares how our voice is our most important asset. Forget body language, the environment or any other variable, getting your voice right is your starting point.

“If it’s not their real voice, we know they’re not being real and so we don’t trust them on an animal level.” Robin Kermode

The show is wrapped up with Robin reiterating that a large percentage of being an expert communicator is common sense yet it’s a skill that most sales people don’t have nailed.

The biggest leap most sales professionals will make happens as soon as they video themselves giving a presentation or simply ask for some feedback.

“A lot of it is obvious. But obvious is not always easy.” Robin Kermode

Guest info:

Robin is a popular keynote speaker and one of Europe’s leading communication coaches, working with senior executives, professionals, politicians, media personalities, charities and schools.
He originally trained as an actor and is a well-known face to audiences on television and the London stage. He helps clients find their natural, authentic voice so they speak with energy, clarity and humanity for maximum impact and
influence. He is experienced in a wide range of settings – from conferences to conference calls.

Show notes:

Speak: So Your Audience Will Listen – 7 Steps to Confident and Successful Public Speaking


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