174: How To Persuade With Language Patterns With Gene McNaughton

Gene McNaughton is a persuasion and business growth expert. On this episode we dive into language patterns that persuade, Tony Robbins and a whole lot more.

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  • 1:30 Show intro
  • 2:05 Interview starts
  • 2:41 Does the salesperson who can communicate best, close the most deals?
  • 4:55 Is the ability to persuade underestimated?
  • 8:21 Example of something to look out for when trying to persuade
  • 11:12 How to prepare before a sales meeting to persuade
  • 17:46 What we should be listening out for
  • 24:23 Why we should make things more ‘real’ for the prospect
  • 38:25 What is the best Tony Robbins resource for #SalesNation?
  • 40:14 One piece of sales advice

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