How To Influence Anybody With David Straker

David Straker joins Will on this episode of the Salesman Podcast to discuss how we can influence and negotiate others within the world of sales.







How To Influence Anybody

The show is kicked off with David looking into some of the misconceptions about influence.

“The biggest misconception about influence is that it’s magic. That if you do this you’ll get that. – David Straker

The show is wrapped up by diving into the quickest ways to become highly skilled at the art and science of influence and persuasion.



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Guest info:

David Straker, an individual with a long background in a range of mind-changing areas, including (in no particular order) counseling, psychology, marketing, sales, education, business change, international management and consulting. Oh yes, and parenting.

David has four postgraduate qualifications in changing minds (M.Sc. psychology, M.Sc. management, Postgraduate Certificate in Education, and Diploma in Marketing) and runs


Show notes:

Changing Minds – In detail. How to change what people think, feel, believe and do.


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