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On today’s episode of Sales Leadership Show, we have Josh Braun, the author of the Badass B2B Growth Guide. Josh shares how we can scale monitor and refine cold email and cold call outreach, across a team, regardless of size. 

“The biggest mistake I think sales leaders make is letting people start sending emails when they first start out a company, right? What I recommend, step one of the strategy, ― and I do believe there should be a strategy ― is to have salespeople interview customers.” – Josh Braun

How Buyers Think and Talk

Josh shares the number one strategy any salesperson should do ― interview customers. Most salespeople have not been in “the buyer’s shoes.” Their beliefs are sometimes misaligned with how the buyers think and talk, as most new hires depend on the marketing messages that were fed to them. 

“Step one, interviewing five customers, using an approach called jobs to be done. It’s a framework that allows you to understand all of the dominoes that tipped over, that actually caused someone to fire their existing thing and hire the new thing that’s gonna form the basis of your messaging.” – Josh Braun

Value Capture Spreadsheet

Josh shares the story of a former VP who applied what he calls the Value Capture Spreadsheet, to avoid buyer burnout. This is just a simple Excel spreadsheet with two major fields: this is what sucked before and this is what changed for the better. Josh shares that this VP interviewed customers, took note of actual customer language, and categorized the entries per theme, so reps could actually see this specific language. 

“Now this is not marketing language, it’s a little bit different. Have nothing against marketing, but marketing languages tend to have a spin on it. They say things like ROI and streamline and optimize. It’s just not how people talk. So this language [in the sheet] was crispy or specific.” – Josh Braun 

Benchmark For Discovery Calls

Josh advises sales leaders to put a benchmark and identify what is a good spiel for sales emails and discovery calls. For instance, for calls, managers should look into the connect rate or the percentage of time the salesperson connects with the intended target. He gives more advise on how to set benchmarks or the four things you should look into when doing a sales call. 

“It [percentage of time] has to be around five and a half to 6%. At the lower side, if you’re below that, perhaps your target market can’t be reached over the phone, perhaps your target market, perhaps your database needs to be updated, perhaps you need to look at other providers, etc.” – Josh Braun 

Josh Braun is the founder of Sales DNA, and former Head of Business Development for Basecamp. He is an expert in helping sales leaders, CEO’s and founders create systems to generate a steady flow of meetings each month with qualified buyers.


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