How To Become Top Of Mind For Your Buyers With John Hall | Sales Leadership Show

On this episode of the Sales Leadership Show, John Hall explains how we can live at the top of our buyer’s minds and manage our time effectively. We also discuss a better alternative for hustling to keep your company running for the long term.

John Hall is the co-founder of and author of Top of Mind.

“The benefit is the psychology of the buyer, you want them to be thinking about you at the right time at the right moment.  The key thing is, you got to continue to get the content because content is the consistent thing that’s going to keep you top of mind.” – John Hall

Content and Engagement 

Due to the pandemic, the world has transformed into an almost virtual world, and John believes that content that engages people is crucial now more than ever. Clients nowadays want to have informed decisions. As an example, John shares his experience as a salesperson. He connects to his clients through personalized content which results in long-term loyalty.

“I think there is going to be a major obligation to engage people more frequently in things, and I think content is key. I think elements around that and personalization are going to be just as important.” – John Hall

Value Journalist

John retells the story of when he had personally reached out to an investor in his company who was interested in his books. His unexpected gestures touched the heart of the person. This resulted in the buyer converting to a brand advocate. The event solidifies John’s belief that engaging your clients by knowing their values will benefit your business in the long-run 

“You have to be one of the value journalists. You have to be a value journalist, and really dive in and figure out what are the values of the people you’re dealing with. And keep that top of Mind yourself, so that you can do it at the right moment, the right time, and it’s going to engage them in those moments.” – John Hall

Return of Investment of our Time

John and Will go back to their discussion about the Venn diagram that John made before the recording. John points out from the Venn diagram what we can (time and happiness) and can’t (pandemic) control. He emphasizes the importance of taking charge of our time and happiness as it impacts our productivity as a salesperson. 

“Happiness fuels salespersons’ times and how they perform. I do an exercise with people right out the gate when we start talking about this, and I say, let’s talk about self-awareness and time; So and I call it ROIT. So basically the return on investment of our time. For me, the key to this whole is: how are you spending your time to engage people?” -John Hall


John Hall is the co-founder of and author of Top of Mind


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