How Sales Software And Gamification Is Changing How We Sell With James Pember




What Is Sales Gamification? 

The show is kicked off with James explaining why sales tools can sometimes be a distraction or used as a way to procrastinate on the lack of performance from a sales team.

“The tools are there to support us” – James Pember

James then shares his thoughts on why gamification matters in sales and the benefits of leveraging the competitive nature that sits inside most sales professionals.

“This tool overload seems to be a new thing” – James Pember

The show is wrapped up with James diving into ‘tool overload’ and how we can prevent it by taking a more streamlined approach to bringing in sales software to help us close more deals.




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Guest info:

James Pember is the co-founder and CEO of Sparta, a sales gamification platform.

Sparta helps sales leaders create sales competitions in minutes that drive transparency, accountability and motivation, all at the same time.


Show notes:


Host – Will Barron


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