Why become REMARKABLE at sales?

Remarkable sales people are "worthy of attention". Becoming Remarkable comes with incredible benefits.


Remarkable sales people solve bigger problems and their buyers take action on their recommendations. They generate 2x the commission bonuses of average sales people. 

Wild motivation happens when your buyers want to speak with you and your sales manager respects you, because you’re Remarkable.

Sales leadership will do anything to keep Remarkable sales people on their team and so your job security is unshakeable.

Your buyers tune out the noise and tune in to Remarkable. When your buyers ignore you it’s impossible to add value. When they listen, adding value is easy. 

What's blocking you from REMARKABLE?

You don't become Remarkable at sales by implementing a gimmick or hack. It happens when you make it past "beginner" and through the "desert".


Many sales people don’t make it past the “beginner” phase. Poor training and support means they quit.

The “desert” is the gap between proficient and remarkable. People often stop training here and their results suffer.

When a $2 billion dollar a year industry has a failure rate of over 50% they’re a fraud. Buyers, the sales process and the internet has changed. Traditional sales training has not kept up and it’s failed you.

Your 4-step journey to REMARKABLE

Our original research from over 100,000 salespeople shows that you can have the sales success that you deserve in 4-steps.


There are 12 personality traits that can either propel you towards Remarkable or drag you down to average. 

You must use a selling process that gives you step-by-step instruction for every part of the sales cycle.

The more authoritative your profile, the more people will take action when you make a recommendation. 

You have to be able to practice your sales skills without the risk of embarrassment or losing business.

How we get you to REMARKABLE in 4-weeks

There is no such thing as "talent" in sales. Becoming Remarkable is a four week process of increasing your SalesSkill™.

4-Week Program


Update your personality

Take the SalesCode™ assessment and uncover if you have any of the 12 weaknesses that could be holding you back.

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Improve your proficiency

Learn how to use the Systematic Selling™ method to get bigger deals done faster than ever before. 

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Establish an authority profile

Complete our SalesAuthority™ program and become a well known, respected expert in your field.

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Round off your business skill set with specialist video training in influence, finance, social engineering, marketing and more…

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Continuous improvement

Practice your selling

87% of traditional sales training is forgotten within 30 days. Keep your knowledge fresh with the SalesCoach™ practice tool. 

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Weekly live Q/A

Have questions on your journey to Remarkable? We have the answers. Ask us anything on our weekly live question/answer sessions.

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Track your progress

Watch your SalesSkill™ score go up with each activity you complete as you rapidly become a Remarkable sales person.

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Sales success guaranteed

We’re that confident in the Salesman.org platform that if you complete the training and don’t hit your sales quota in 90-days, we’ll give you your money back.

Ready to become REMARKABLE and crush your quota?