How I Use Snapchat To Close More Sales (By Not Selling)

Most salespeople don’t understand social media. Please don’t try and sell on there. That’d be stupid.

Why have 99% of salespeople got it wrong? Social media should be used to build the 3 leverage points needed to be able to close the sale.

Not to ask for money.


Know, Like and Trust

You know this, all sales pros know it – Before someone will hand over their money they must know, like and trust you.

Before you can build these 3 elements of rapport you must break out of obscurity.

As Snapchat has –

  • 100 millions active monthly users
  • 400 million Snaps sent daily
  • Less than 0.3% of salespeople use it
  • It’s guarantees attention

It is the number one way of getting in front of your prospects and letting them like and trust you.


Getting Attention

In 2015 getting people’s attention is the most difficult part of the sales process.

One way to grab attention is to build a following on social media and then spam them with adverts about the service you provide.

This is also the quickest way to obliterate any trust you’d might have had with them.

I did this in the first business I started after leaving my medical device sales job.

I built a great email list of people who were interest in my products but I made two mistakes –

A) Every other email I sent was asking them to buy something at some kind of discount rate (I had my rent due).

This killed any trust I had from people when they opted into my emails.

B) Hardly anyone read my emails anyway. Most of the time they ended up in a spam folder.

This is where Snapchat is powerful. Once they add you, you have their undivided attention.


Guaranteed Leverage

Snapchat shot to success as it gave lads a way of getting their partners and bits on the side to send them naked photos without the risk of them ever getting out into the open.

For any guy or gurl still doing this please know that –

1) A) You can take a screenshot and save any message sent. Of course you know this. Your trust would be forever broken with the recipient if you got the notification saying that your Snapchat had been screenshotted.

1) B) It’s also very easy to just take a picture of the message with another phone or camera and you’ll never know that your topless pose has been captured for the world to see.

2) As you only have so many seconds to view the image and they come in infrequently, people always view them. People will even wait to open them until they’re in a quiet room where they can concentrate and not miss anything going on within the message.

This attention can’t be found anywhere else on the internet.


Twitter – Tweets have a lifetime of around 30 seconds and get scrolled past very easily.

Facebook – Posts have a longer lifetime but again just think how fast you fly through your news feed.

Instagram – Slightly better as generally you want to stop and view the photos as they get swiped down.

Email – First you have to avoid a spam filter, then you have to get your email opened, then you have to grab their attention. News flash, email is dying.

Snapchat – The only place you view one message at a time and you focus intently for 7 seconds.


This is why Snapchat is the most powerful social network available to salespeople today. It gives you a guaranteed platform to share content which gives prospects the opportunity to get to know you, to like you and to trust you.


How to use snapchat to sell

The first thing you have to do is to get people to add you.


salesman red snapchat


I do this by offering an exclusive behind the scenes look at Salesman.Red and the occasional bit of sales comedy –



These little interactions build likeability over time as you share your personality with the prospect.

It is also completely free.

Anyone who sells products that renew monthly or that have repeat buyers (which should be every salesman reading this) can leverage Snapchat to keep in touch and build further rapport with their customers so that when it’s purchase time you are top of mind.

Snapchat allows me to play the long game which is where social media excels.

This is not for you if you need to close business to hit your sales target in 3 days’ time.

If that is the case, close this window, get off the internet, pick up your phone and start dialing.