#555: Essential Social Selling Training (I Don’t Want You To Get Left Behind…)

Want to know the exact social selling training you need to implement right now to win in B2B sales?

Keep scrolling as we’ve one of the worlds leading experts on the matter laying out his sales playbook

Daniel Disney is a sales expert on a mission to help everyone working in sales learn how to successfully sell on social media.

I’ve laid out Dan’s most important and actionable suggestions below the video.

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Social Selling Training Isn’t Just Useful, It’s Essential

Dan believes now is the time that everyone should be jumping into the world of social selling“In my honest opinion I don’t think that there is anyone that shouldn’t be using social media”.

There is plenty of data on this too. Social Sellers are 51% more likely to hit their sales quota, they attract 45% more opportunities and outsell their non social selling counterparts by 78% according to LinkedIn.

Start More Conversations

The biggest misconception about social selling is that it’s all about liking, sharing and promoting other peoples content. This alone will have zero effect on you smashing your sales target right.

We’re living in the golden age of B2B selling because for the first time in history we can literally strike up a conversation with almost anyone.

This is why social selling is so powerful and Dan agrees – “The biggest thing that people just are not doing right now is just starting conversations”.

The goal here is to proactively start up conversations that are not cold.

When you cold call an individual, you’re interrupting them and you’re taking up their time before they’ve agreed to spend it with you. You’re pissing them off 9 times out of 10!

That is why I don’t share my mobile number with anyone that I’m not already doing business with. If I’m doing that, I’d bet that anyone with significant budget that you’re trying to sell to will be doing the same in the near future.

The beauty of social media is that our prospects are already out there, having public conversations and all we have to do is join in.

It’s an incredible time to work in sales IF you’ve had a little social selling training. This podcast episode will give you the 20% that will make the 80% of the difference in your game so watch that before you buy a digital selling course or invest in some nonsense social selling certification.

How To Start Sales Conversations On Social

Dan uses the acronym “SALES” to outline the process of having engaging, relationship building conversations over social media.

1) Solve Problems

Your potential customers are not looking for a new Facebook friend or someone to swap cat photos with. They’re looking for people who can solve their business problems.

If you’ve been selling for any amount of time you have a unique and fascinating skill set. This coupled with your domain knowledge in a very specific industry vertical means that you’re perfectly set up to solve problems.

Identify when people are struggling and simply offer to help.

2) Ask Questions

When you’re not pitching or closing, you should be asking questions.

The ability to ask incredible discovery questions separates you from the competition who are spending most of their days banging on about discounts and begging for business.

Here are a few examples of astounding discover questions –

  • What happens at the office each day that knocks the smile off your face? 
  • Why hasn’t it been addressed before?
  • Have you purchased a similar product before?
  • What’s your purchasing process?
  • Say you had no budgetary restrictions, what kind of changes would you like to make happen?
  • What happens if you don’t solve your problem?

3) Listen

Ask questions, listen to the answers and don’t give out recommendations until the is conversation in full flow.

Remember that according to Linkedin –

  • 77% of buyers say that they wouldn’t engage with a salesperson if they didn’t do the necessary homework that would give them insights or knowledge into their business

Nothing looks less congruent when social selling than someone proclaiming that they’re an “industry expert”, asking one question and then throwing their product in the face of a disgruntled potential buyer over a Linkedin message.

4) Empathise

No one will listen or take action on your solutions if they don’t feel they’re on the same “wavelength” as you are.

You need to use empathy and emotional intelligence to demonstrate to the people you’re speaking to that you really understand them.

This is one area in which social selling training usually goes tits up. You can’t just hide behind a screen. You can’t just copy and paste messages or blindly like and thumbs up other peoples content.

This stuff doesn’t impact your prospects. It’s almost a waste of time.

As far as I know, there is no social selling program that covers emotional intelligence and so check out the SalesSchool if you’d like to dig into it further.

To build this trust and rapport you need to be a real human being. For some reason, in the internet age, this is becoming more and more of a differentiator among sales professionals.

5) Share Knowledge

Nobody wants to hear features and benefits. There are no special snowflake exceptions to this rule.

That stuff all comes after the individual that you’re social selling to has bought into you personally on an emotional level.

You don’t need to be getting down on one knee and thrusting the manky ring your grandma gave you for your “moment” in their face but they’ve got to want to hear what you’re saying.

You’re a professional. They’re hiring professionals to help with things all the time!

As long as you don’t pitch them, they’re going to love getting off social, on the phone and listening to what you have to say.

The Top Social Selling Tools

Having discussed social selling now countless times on The Salesman Podcast here are the top tools that get mentioned over and over again –

  • Linkedin Sales Navigator The most useful social selling tool out there for B2B reps. Social selling would literally not exist if it wasn’t for Sales Navigator being on the market. The only shame? That they haven’t sponsored the podcast!
  • Nimble.com – Nimble is a CRM that combines both the usual relationship management stuff that most sales people hate working with but also a strong focus on social selling too.
  • rFactr – It has a terrible name but it is one of the only platforms built from the ground up to help social selling teams share the right content, at the right time with the right person.
  • LeadIQ – I love the product, the team are amazing and they’ve supported the podcast too. LeadIQ enables you to grab prospects contact data without faffing around searching for emails. It’s an incredible tool for dragging the conversation off social and into the real world.


Social selling training isn’t just a nice to have. It’s a necessity.

Social media is only getting more open. Every day we get more used to sharing our lives with complete strangers on the internet.

I’ve said it once in this post and I’m going to wrap things up with it – We’re in the golden age of sales. Don’t miss out on this opportunity. 

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