Developing Your Sales Mindset (Delayed Gratification, Self Sabotage And More) With Butch Bellah

Butch Bellah comes on the Salesman Podcast to discuss the mindset of sales and how we can all improve our own mental game.







Mastering the Mindset Of Sales


Are you really trying to get better at sales or are you just pretending? @imbutchbellah

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The show is kicked off with Butch explaining his thoughts on the importance of sales professionals being able to delay gratification.

“Knowing someone can be fairly quick, liking someone can be fairly quick but trust takes time” – Butch Bellah 

Butch then shares that we need to occasionally jump off the treadmill that is sales and business to give ourselves a pat on the back and reward ourselves for all the hard work we’re putting in.

“You need to give yourself the permission to appreciate the accomplishments” Butch Bellah

The show is wrapped up with the guys diving into self sabotage, how you can work out if you’re doing it to yourself and how to get over it.




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Guest info:

Butch Bellah has more than three decades of experience selling, managing sales teams, and teaching others how to be sales professionals. Bellah has been interviewed by numerous news outlets, including ABC, NBC, CBS News, Fox News Channel, Entrepreneur Magazine, and many others.

His first book, 10 Essential Habits of Sales Superstars: Plugging Into the Power of Ten, received wide acclaim from industry leaders. His second book, Sales Management For Dummies, was released in October 2015.


Show notes:

Grab Butch’s ebook for free – mybizcoach.biz/salesmanpodcast



Book – Sales Management For Dummies

Book – The 10 Essential Habits of Sales Superstars: Plugging into the Power of Ten

Book – The Untethered Soul: The Journey Beyond Yourself






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