Coffee makes prospects easier to persuade

80% of western adults are users of a drug that increases attention, cognition and it has been discovered, this drug also makes us more susceptible to persuasion.

Of course this is our good friend, coffee.


The drug of influence

Your sales manager wasn’t being polite when he offered you a mug of joe at your last performance appraisal before offering you that measly 3% pay increase “in line with inflation”. He was trying to get you in an agreeable state!

The mechanism by which caffeine opens people up to influence is the same as why you drink it before a sales meeting yourself. By increasing your arousal, it allows us to process incoming information such as body language and social cues more thoroughly. This leads to us being more susceptible to things we’d normally just have ignored.

Perhaps you should get into the habit of making the drinks before you try and close that next big deal.




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