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On this week’s Social Selling Show, Daniel and Will run through the exact steps you need to take to make your LinkedIn profile stand out, generate inbound sales leads and add trust to your buyers.

What Your Linkedin Profile Is For

Daniel candidly shares that your Linkedin profile can be designed and curated based on your personal goals. Reasons may vary from impressing recruiters to brand building or reaching out to more prospects. Daniel will discuss more what you might be doing or overdoing (like updating your profile too frequently) in your profile. 

“If your goal is to sell, if your goal is to generate customers, inbound leads sales, then obviously the end is your customer. It’s them, your prospects and customers, that are the people you want to make it [LinkedIn profile] relevant for.”

Daniel Disney

What’s In It For Them

Most salespeople would want to showcase the number of deals they’ve closed or the territory and industries they’ve covered. Daniel suggests to do otherwise. He stressed the importance of “writing for your prospects.” You should focus on who you have helped in the past and how you can help your current prospects.

“So you want to word it, not about how great you are at selling, but how great you are at helping. How you can help people, what you can help them with, what you can help them achieve, how you’ve helped other similar people to them. You want to make it all about them and focusing very much on the solution, the problems that you solve and what is in it for them, not what is in it for you.”

Daniel Disney

Who Owns Your Linkedin

Daniel shares about the different sections of Linkedin and what you can do to optimize your profile. He shares briefly about Linkedin as a search engine and the importance of using certain keywords to make sure you appear in searches. He also discussed how you can collaborate with marketing to optimize the content.

Will also asks a very important question about profile ownership. As more and more companies see the capabilities of Linkedin towards brand building, they make sure to direct their teams to have a uniform and branded profile. Daniel answers that branding is important and might be required especially with salespeople but you should always keep your individuality in your profile. He discusses more about this in this episode. 

“I would argue that it doesn’t restrict or hinder the potential success that an individual can have. That doesn’t stop you shining as an individual, you can still be just as successful. But you’ll be able to achieve so much more, I think, as an individual and as a company. So yes, it is owned by you. It should be owned by you.”

Daniel Disney

Social Selling Show Hosts:

  • Daniel Disney is the King of Social Selling, a best selling author and keynote speaker. Daniel is also the founder of The Daily Sales.
  • Will Barron is the founder of where he helps B2B sales professionals master modern sales in just 42 days.

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