Body language around the world (don’t miss sales through miscommunication)

Understanding body language, vocal tonality and intent are 3 things that marketers will never be able to do as well as a talented salesman. They are 3 things that guarantee that we will always need real people to help pull prospects over the line and confirm a buying decision.

They are pretty much the only thing stopping marketers stealing your sales role away from you. That is why you must master them


Nodding up means yes?!

With the continued advancement of the internet into our everyday lives the world is becoming an exponentially smaller place each year on year. It’s not unusual in 99% of sales roles to have a good chance of meeting an American in the morning, a lunch call with someone from Asia and then an evening meeting with a (charming) British prospect.

One thing that hasn’t moved as quick as our methods of communication is the cultural narrative and body language traditions. The infographic below does a great job of pulling in some important cultural body language randomness that all salesmen should be aware of.


body language around the world


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