9 Step Sales Process (Systematic Selling Overview) | Selling Made Simple

Most B2B sales professionals try hard. I’m sure you try hard at work too right?

Sam works damn hard in his sales role yet he is constantly in the middle of the sales team performance wise.

He describes his sales job as feeling like he’s running on a hamster wheel. Lots of energy spent but he isn’t going anywhere fast.

He has lots of random prospecting, follow up and meetings but doesn’t really know what he’s doing day to day.

Sam’s biggest issue is that he doesn’t use a defined sales process.

Highly successful salespeople who go on to make hundreds of thousands in commissions every year probably don’t work any harder than what Sam does

What they do differently is that they use a sales process that works.

So if you don’t have a sales process right now fear not… I’m going to very quickly run you through the Systematic Selling process we use over at Salesman.org in our sales accelerator training program.

I don’t have the time to explain everything fully in this one YouTube video but I’m sure you’ll get some pointers on how you can improve your game.

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