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#701: How To Have TRANSFORMATIONAL Sales Conversations With Clair Pedrick | Salesman Podcast

In today’s episode of the Salesman Podcast, we talk about how we can have more transformational conversations with our buyers by doing less. Joining us today is Clair Pedrick, the author of the book Simplifying Coaching: How to Have More Transformational Conversations by Doing Less. 

Will and Clair dive into numerous value questions that salespeople should ask in order to frame the conversation. They also discuss what “transformational conversation” is and how we can engineer more of it into our sales processes. 

Transformational Conversations

How do we define a transformation? Clair describes a transformation as a significant change that cannot be undone. 

“Think baking. If you put all the ingredients of a cake into a tin, you apply heat, and then you can’t unmake the cake. Transformation is a change that you can’t unmake. – Clair Pedrick

She recounts a personal story where she and her husband was scouting for a new car and their experiences with salesmen were traumatic and exhausting. After speaking to three different salesmen, she finally had the chance to have a transformational conversation. She immediately bought the car and even got paid for advertising the brand. 

“Are we clear enough? What are we doing in this conversation and how are we going to do it and how are we going to know we’ve done it? Because unless you’ve got that clear before you start, it’s really difficult. – Clair Pedrick

A Place That Works For The Customer

Clair stresses the importance of starting conversations in a place that works for the customer. If the transaction costs a lot, except that the customer did his or her own due diligence before making the purchase. It will be beneficial for any salesman to disclose needed information beforehand and to identify which part of the sales process the customer is at before trying to “sell to them.”

“I’m not a sales professional. I have been on the end of many. I think the skill is to co-create the conversation to work out together what it is that needs to happen.”  – Clair Pedrick

Timing Silences and Creating Partnerships

Clair and Will discuss whether some things should be adjusted based on the different platforms used for the communication. Clair shares the secret of having a transformation conversation is to time the silences, especially in terms of video calls, to enable the customer to land on insights.

Furthermore, Clair shares her thoughts on how partnership, rather than transmission leads to transformation

“I could see you were thinking, so while you were thinking, I stopped talking because I need to not interrupt your thinking because your thinking serves the conversation.” ” – Clair Pedrick

“The scale on the phone is to learn not to interrupt people’s thinking. Don’t interrupt people’s thinking in any context, because thinking is serving. People will be thinking on task so let them do that processing. Otherwise, you get out of sync and you get ahead of them or you get behind them.” – Clair Pedrick


Claire Pedrick is a Master Certified Coach who has been coaching for over 30 years. She is in demand as a systemic executive coach, mentor coach, coaching supervisor and as a trainer.


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