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#699: How To Book Sales Meetings With BILLION Dollar Brands With Alex Berman | Salesman Podcast

In today’s episode of the Salesman Podcast, we speak with our Alex Berman about how we can book sales meeting with billion-dollar brands. Alex is the founder and CEO of the marketing and lead generation firm, Experiment 27. We also discuss the definition of golden geese buyers and how salespeople can find, contact and close these golden opportunities.

“When most people start an agency, they will go for the local business onFacebook, whatever business they can think of, like restaurants, whatever’s around their street. What I found is local businesses have low budgets, and they’re hard to work with, but they are very easy to sell to.” – Alex Berman

Identifying Golden Geese Buyers

Alex starts by identifying who the golden geese buyers are: they are the companies whose revenue is between $5-150 million dollars. The golden geese, which sits between the small businesses and enterprise, are the easiest group to sell to since there are a few decision-makers controlling the budget.

“You’re dealing with people who are in a fast-growing company or large organization. Often they know what they’re doing. The small organizations, they’re not even choosing to grow or they’re not capable of growing.” – Alex Berman

“I find that even the individuals that I’m speaking to are more open to the marketing that we can offer them and the enterprise sales training” – Alex Berman

Qualifying Your Golden Geese

Alex stressed the importance of identifying your prospect’s budgets to prevent wasting time. He notes that if a client is not willing to divulge their budget, you should already question if they should even be on the sales call. The objective is to make the process as easy as possible and the first step is qualifying your prospects. 

“It’s not like you can plug some random guy into LinkedIn and see if his family’s worth $100 million. You got to talk to these guys and see if they qualify for $60,000, $100,000 coaching package. I know, because I’m in that business, too.” – Alex Berman

Reaching Out To Golden Geese

Since Alex and his team specialize in the golden geese, which are considered high-value people, he shares that they focus on sending out customized cold-emails. It may sound like hard work for others, but the content is basically just a compliment that took two-minutes to write. 

“The first sentence is a compliment. Butter them up. The second sentence is a case study, ‘we’ve worked with somebody like you in the past, and we got this result.’ Third sentence, ask, ‘hey, we’d love to do the same for you around this week. Are you available for a call?’ That’s it.” – Alex Berman


Alex Berman is the chairman at Experiment 27 and a B2B cold email expert.


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