#682: “Empathy Based Objection Handling” For B2B Salespeople With Jason Bay

On  today’s episode of The Salesman Podcast, Jason Bay of BlissfulProspecting.com explains what empathy based objection handling is and how we can leverage it to close more deals. 

“Cold calling and objection handling are usually the two biggest fears that I hear when we work with sales teams and individual reps. With objection handling, if you think about where that fear comes from. It’s like, ‘I don’t want to be salesy.’” – Jason Bay

The Objection Loop

Jason talks about the objection loop, wherein two conversing parties engage in never ending “logical” discussion about their issues and concerns. He shares that to end this objection loop, one must employ empathy. Empathy breaks that loop and disarms the other person. 

Oftentimes, people engage in a logic vs. emotions battle which ends up in miscommunication.

“When we look at that loop, we can break that with empathy. That’s the first part. That’s the first step that we need to do. It’s like, ‘I need to acknowledge what I think he is saying or where he’s coming from or what he might be feeling.’” – Jason Bay

When Logic Meets Emotions

Will gave a solid example where a disconnect usually happens during a sales call. When an emotional customer encounters a problem, searches for solutions online and gives the company a call, the salesman gets too  excited and starts selling logically rather than listening to the emotions of the buyer.  

“There’s a crossover of logical thoughts and discussions versus emotional thoughts and discussions. Again, I just want to emphasise the points here that you’re making, using a bit of empathy on behalf of the salesperson, to regulate their emotions against that of the buyer, allows communication to happen.” – Will Barron

Emphatise, Validate and Offer

Jason shares the steps of employing empathy towards a customer. He describes the EVO framework, which means empathise, validate and offer. He also dives deep on the levels of empathy and cites real life examples of this. 

“We’re going to focus on those two things first, and when we do them in the middle, what that’s going to help us accomplish is disarming the prospect. Depending on what objection it is, it’s going to help you gain a better understanding of where they’re coming from. From there, once you do those two things, if you imagine a little arrow pointing to the right of that with another circle called offer.” – Jason Bay

To know more about empathy based objection handling and how we can use it to get more deals booked with cold outreach, watch or listen to this episode. 


Jason Bay is a sales expert who helps sales teams land big meetings with prospects with cold outreach.


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