3 Movie Clips That Will Motivate Any Salesman (SHOW ME THE MONEY!)


Salesmen are some of the most motivated individuals on the planet. They know that if they make enough calls, add value to enough people that eventually they’ll be able to close the deal.

The world of film understands this as well as anyone and have produced a number of films that can share and pass on this spirit.

Here are my 3 favourite movie clips that I use to motivate myself when I need to pick up the phone and close the deal.


The Wolf of Wall Street

Sure Jordon Belfort might have been on the wrong path in his quest to lead his business to the top but Leonardo DiCaprio absolutely nails it with his representation of him.



Boiler Room

Vin Diesel nails the sell here by taking control of the conversation. Some might see this as manipulative others will understand the use of silence and see it as salesmanship gold.



Jerry Maguire

Tom Cruise plays Jerry Maguire and learns in this clip what all prospects are want to tell you but can’t do to social pressures. All they care about is you saving them time or money.




Bonus – The Real Wolf of Wall Street

Leonardo DiCaprio gripped me by the nuts and took me on a journey in the Wolf of Wall Street like no other film has managed to do before. I believed every single word that came out of his mouth.

In this short VICE documentary you’ll learn why he was so believable in the film as much of it happened to it in his younger years.




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