#405: How To Get ATTENTION In Sales (By Selling With Insights) With Michael Harris

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Michael Harris is the CEO of Insight Demand and on today’s episode he shows #SalesNation how to deliver insights to customers so they can break through the noise in the internet age of selling.

What you will learn in this episode:

You’ll learn what real sales insights (that a customer actually cares about) are but also –

  • What a “sales winner” is and how to become one
  • Where you should start if you’d like to incorporate insight selling into your sales process
  • The power of selling with stories


Time stamps for audio version of show:

  • [00:58] – Intro
  • [02:38] – What is a “sales winner”?
  • [05:35] – Is our goal to help the buyer make the decision to buy?
  • [09:58] – Should we interview our best customers to find out how we add value to them?
  • [13:55] – What is the starting point to insight selling?
  • [17:26] – Techniques to deliver the insights to customers
  • [22:23] – Selling with stories VS logic
  • [32:40] – How can we accelerate the whole process?
  • [42:07] – Wrap up


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