#403: Why “Customer Success” Is the Future Of Sales With Lincoln Murphy

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Lincoln Murphy is the worlds leading customer success expert (he literally wrote the book on the topic). On today’s episode of the Salesman Podcast  Lincoln explains why customer success is so important to the personal success of Sales Nation.

What you will learn in this episode:

Lincoln starts this episode by explaining what “customer success” actually means then we dive into –

  • Why the marketing has made this a priority that leads to business success
  • How we question a potential prospect to find out what success really means for them


Time stamps for audio version of show:

  • [00:58] – Intro
  • [02:24] – What does “customer success” mean for us B2B sales professionals?
  • [05:24] – What has changed in the market to make this a priority?
  • [15:33] – The shifts that have to happen for businesses to become more customer focused
  • [20:12] – Do sales professionals think about this when they’re applying for new sales roles?
  • [17:17] – How to demonstrate skills/values rather than just talking about them
  • [24:01] – How do we uncover what success really means for the customer?
  • [42:07] – Wrap up


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