#395: A Step By Step Guide To THE PERFECT CLOSE (95% Success Rate!) with James Muir

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James Muir is the author of The Perfect Close and on today’s episode of the Salesaman Podcast shares how two simple closing questions can lead to a close rate of 95%.

What you will learn in this episode:

James shocked me with how simple closing can be when you’re not trying to play weird tricks or games with the prospect. If you’re willing to put the prospect first this episode will show you how to –

  • Ask for the business without it getting all weird…
  • The structure of “the perfect close”
  • What to do if the prospect says no to your first attempt at closing


Time stamps for audio version of show:

  • [00:42] – Intro
  • [02:15] – Do sales professionals close enough of their qualified prospects or are they leaving money on the table?
  • [04:17] – Why do we waste so much time with unqualified buyers?
  • [05:42] – Should “the close” come out of nowhere or should we be setting it up as we go through the sales process?
  • [10:33] – Do you have to love what you’re selling to be able to confidently close?
  • [17:09] – What does “change the scope” mean in sales?
  • [18:35] – The structure of the perfect close
  • [27:14] – Why “closing tactics” will backfire against a professional buyer/procurement executive
  • [33:40] – What to do when the prospect isn’t ready to close
  • [42:24] – Wrap up


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