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24 Suit Hacks That Will Make Any Salesman Look Sharp

Although there is evidence to suggest that suits make sales people less effective most of us still have to wear them.

Here are 24 suit hacks that will make you look epic in front of your prospects.


1) Your tie and lapel at their widest points should be a similar size.

width of tie


2) You should be aware of the different lapel styles.


The wider the lapel, generally more formal the style.


3) Thin lapels are the current ‘cool’ and modern style.

thin lapels


4) Your tie should reach your belt and not be any longer or shorter.

short tie
Henry Ford / Via


5) And your tie should always be darker than your shirt.

darker tie
Joe Scarnici / Getty Images


… Otherwise you start to look like 2000’s Greenday very quickly.


6)  Know when a jackets shoulders don’t fit.

If the whole suit doesn’t move and you get a kink when you raise your arm then the shoulders are too wide.


7) Don’t go too tight around the waist.

If your jacket makes an X shape when it’s buttoned up then it’s too tight around your belly.


8) Never fasten the bottom button.

Pascal La Segretain / Getty
Pascal La Segretain / Getty

Always fasten the middle button and then optionally the top on a 3 button jacket. Never button the bottom button up. They’re simply not tailored to be buttoned and so it will ruin the whole fit of the jacket.


9) Same goes with double breasted, never EVER fasten the bottom button.

Jason Kempin / Getty Images
Jason Kempin / Getty Images


10) The bottom of your jacket should reach the knuckles on your thumb.

Michael Buckner / Getty Images
Michael Buckner / Getty Images


11) Pinstripes should be thin and subtle otherwise you’ll look like a Halloween gangster.


12) Never go for horizontal pinstripes as they’re very difficult to pull off.

Jeremy Hackett
Jeremy Hackett


13) When you’re sitting down at sales meetings, always unbutton your jacket. No exceptions.

Mike Marsland / Getty Images
Mike Marsland / Getty Images


14) Your pants should fit snugly with a one finger gap at the waist.


15) Your pants should have one crease at the bottom and when standing your socks should not be visible.


16) A tie bar is a great way to dress up and personalise a salesman’s suit.

Rob Kim / Getty Images
Rob Kim / Getty Images


17) Having the right amount of cuff showing really sets off a jacket.

You need to be hitting around 1/2 an inch of cuff showing to really make your jacket shine.


18) Your sleeves should be between the bump on your wrist and the bottom knuckle of your thumb.


19) You should be able to fit two stacked fingers down the side of your fastened shirt collar.

LuminaStock / ThinkStock
LuminaStock / ThinkStock


20) Important for both your style and the ladies. This is how your bum should look.


21) The back of your suit matters too.

One slit is a more American and relaxed style of suit. The double slit is thought to be more formal and British.


22) NEVER wear a sports style watch with a suit.


The only watches to be worn by salespeople are metal or leather banded watches. Sports watches look horrible with formal attire.


23) Pocket squares are the best way to dress up a suit and make it your own.

pocket squares

If you’re a bigger guy pocket squares will bring the eye up to your chest rather than at your gut.

You can learn how to fold a pocket square correctly here (no, they don’t just get mashed in there).


24) The most important sharp looking suit hack of all is to get your suits tailored.

Dimitrios Kambouris / Getty
Dimitrios Kambouris / Getty

If the store you buy your suits from doesn’t offer tailoring (then you probably need to find a new store) it’s well worth taking a decently fitting stock suit and getting it tailored to you specifically.



  • Are suits even needed anymore? It seems that all the ‘tech kids’ have come along and thrown out the need for being suited and booted in the SAAS sales industry?