192: Are We Overcomplicating Sales? With Bridget Gleason

Bridget Gleason is a VP of sales and so a true sales practitioner. We started the show with the question “are we over-complicating sales?” and ended with a discussion about discipline.

Discipline is the underestimated cousin of hustle. If you have the correct processes it’s even more useful and Bridget shares her insights on why I’ve more discipline than what I give myself credit for.

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  • [1:04] Show intro
  • [1:50] Interview starts
  • [2:55] Do we need more tools or better training?
  • [5:26] Is sales enablement software over complicating things?
  • [12:20] Should we be focusing on just one thing at a time?
  • [15:18] Start at the top of the funnel or the bottom?
  • [24:54] How to coach someone to be more disciplined?
  • [44:21] Wrap up


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Resources mentioned:




Brain Focus – App I use to keep focused

Pomodoro Technique


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