19 Closes Every Salesperson Has Experienced

Closing is the most important part of any salesperson job and it’s something we do often. How many of these closes have you experienced?


1) The “I’m on fire today” close

on fire


2) The “difficult buyer” close

difficult buyer


3) The “smooth guy” close



4) The “sale you really shouldn’t have made” close

should bother


5) The “price is all that matters” close



6) The “I’m not bothered” close

not bothered


7) The “phone” close

frog phone


8) The “flirty” close

the flirt


(This is generally less successful for men)

not sexy


9) The “shy” close



10) The “weird guy” close

the weird guy


11) The “sweaty” close



12) The “I’ll do anything to get the sale” close



13) The “email” close



14) The “I’ll leave another voicemail and they’re bound to get back to me” close



15) The “I’m going to avoid any difficult sales questions” close

hard questions


16) The “they might not sign” close

almost dropped out


17) The “nervous” close



18) The lazy “I’ll speak with them tomorrow” close



19) The “I worked hard and they’re going to be great a customer” close

do everything



what type of sales closer are you

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