176: The Fine Line Between The Confident Sales Leader and The Cocky Sales Jerk With Dale Thomas Vaughn

Dale Thomas Vaughn joins me on today’s show to look how masculinity, leadership and confidence can lead to more closed deals.

Additionally we discuss that thin gap between being a alpha, content male and that jerky, overconfident sales stereotype and which is more effective.

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  • 1:28 Show intro
  • 2:13 Interview starts
  • 6:26 Why are we told that men should act a certain way?
  • 14:03 How do we know what we want VS what society says we should want?
  • 19:09 Why does vulnerability lead to greater masculinity?
  • 26:49 One piece of sales advice
  • 30:52 Wrap up

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Dale’s TEDx talk – 


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