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14 Signs You’re A Salesperson Who Is Addicted To Their iPhone

1) You never pay attention in meetings because you’re busy emailing prospects¬†about meetings



2) You get genuinely angry when you forget to plug your phone in to charge in an evening knowing that it’ll be dead at some random point during the day



3) Likely just before that prospect calls to close the deal you’ve been working on for months



4) You had to turn off the keyboard sound as the tapping became intolerable



5) You pretend to be working on your phone but really you’re playing games



6) You have 3 pages of sales and productivity APPs that you’ve never opened



7) But you refuse to delete the health one because it told you how many steps you took when you were out clubbing last Friday



8) You never return your old company phones and so you have a draw of useless phones at home



9) You speak fluent emoji to your customers



10) … but they never understand you



11) You have been through around 9854890 charger cables



12) And you go crazy at how much the official cables cost each time you buy one



13) When you drop your phone it takes you 30 seconds to pick it back up as you play out the story in your mind of it being cracked, having to tell your sales manager and then play the waiting game for IT to replace it (whilst you’re missing out on deals)



14) You’re reading this from your phone when you should be selling…



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