13 Most Suggested Songs That Will Increase Your Sales Hustle

This week I discovered that sales hustlers love motivational rap music.

I put this list of motivational rap songs together and 10,000 page views later we’ve had a bunch of suggestions of other motivational songs we should add.

So here is it, the 13 most suggested motivational songs that increase your sales hustle, Salesman.Red reader edition.


1) Remember the Name – Fort Minor

Suggested by: Sheena Linsay


2) Not Afraid – Eminem

Suggested by: Murphy Georgeson


3) Get up Stand up – Bob Marley

Suggested by: Sampson Mat


4) Save the World – Swedish House Mafia

Suggested by: Jezza Arnold


5) Ain’t No Mountain High Enough – Marvin Gaye

Suggested by: Max Frazier


6) Don’t Stop Believing – Journey

Suggested by: Gyles Freddy


7)  No Mercy – T.I.

Suggested by: Adrian Daniel Chavez


8) The Greatest – Sean Brown

Suggested by: Parth Shah


9)  The way of Life- Dead Prez

Suggested by: “Alive to Strive”


10)  Git Up Git Out – Outkast

Suggested by: “Alive to Strive”


11)  Go Get It – T.I.

Suggested by: Philip Wilson


12) I Give It All – Rise Against

Suggested by: Paul Smith


13) Beat It – Michael Jackson

Suggested by: Paul Smith


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