12 Things Every Sales Person Will Experience This Week

There are many industries, customers, environments and other variables in sales.

But all sales people will face most of these things each and every week –


1) Starting what should be a simple sales conversation with a prospect and having them throw an objection in the first 20 seconds



2) Dreading speaking to THAT customer



3) Celebrating in your head when you haven’t actually closed a deal but you’ve moved one step closer



4) Threatening to strangle whoever in IT set up your CRM system



5) Hearing your sales manager use a cliché like “always be closing”, giving 110%” or “win-win”



6) Then listening to them try and tell you how to sell (when they haven’t spoken to a customer in 3 years)



7) But then reminding yourself that they’re an idiot and not taking their advice



8) Wondering if you could get away with taking next week off be pretending to be sick the rest of this week…



9) Procrastinating on relying to your emails even though you know you will close some deals if you do



10) Trying to reach a prospect and getting stonewalled by a receptionist



11) Then when you do finally get to speak to them, get an excuse why they didn’t manage to get back to your emails ether



12) THEN all they want to do is hear about the new product features that haven’t been released yet



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