11 Confessions That Only Salespeople Will Understand

I’ve experienced the “flashy bastard sales manager” myself. He drove a bright red AUDI which looked disgusting and I’m sure he was trying to make up for a small… sales target.

1) Lying to customers

salesperson lie to customers


2) Sales team spreading rumours

sales team spreading rumours


3) I’m here to make money

sales make money


4) Pretending to care about customers

pretending to care about customers


5) Never had sales training

no sales training


6) Sleeping with potential customers

salespeople sleeping with customers


7) Avoiding customers

salespeople avoiding customers


8) Caring about cash

salespeople care about cash


9) Being replaced by computers

sales being replaced by marketing and computer code


10) Flashy bastard sales manager

sales manager flashy bastard couldnt sell


11) It’s all good in the hood

sales pays great


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