We make selling simple.
Salesman.org is software that helps salespeople who sell services crush their quota. Use our tool to uncover your weaknesses, learn an effective sales process and become known in your industry.
Then traditional sales training has failed you...
of sales reps missed quota last year. Traditional selling no longer works.
Of sales training is forgotten within 30 days. In person training doesn't get remembered.
Of B2B buyers are now millennials. You need to sell to them differently.
We create sales success differently.
There are 4 steps to differentiating yourself, becoming motivated and having consistent sales success. We give you all the tools, training and support you need to win.
#1 Personality
Take our SalesCodeTM assessment and learn what you're naturally good and bad at.
#2 Process
Complete our 4 week training program and understand how to close sales, easier.
#3 Platform
Learn how to become a "Micro-Influencer" in your industry and build trust at distance.
#4 Practice
Use our SalesCoachTM practice software to keep on top of your sales skills over time.
Remarkable results after 4-weeks
52 %
increase in revenue
19 %
more daily selling activities
selling scenarios memorised
681 +
more followers on social media
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