Master Modern B2B Sales In Just 42 Days
Use our platform to uncover your weaknesses, learn an effective sales process, master the art of persuasion and become known in your industry.
But you've been unsatisfied with the results of traditional sales training in the past?
of sales reps missed quota last year. Traditional selling no longer works.
of sales traditional training is forgotten within 30 days. It's a waste of time.
of B2B buyers are now millennials. They don't want to be cold called or spammed.
Then the revolutionary 42 day Sales AcceleratorTM program is for you
Sales Accelerator gives you all the tools, training and support you need to become wildly motivated and crush your sales quota in 6 steps.
#1 Personality
Take the SalesCodeTM assessment and learn you're selling strengths and weaknesses.
#2 Process
Implement our battle proven Systematic Selling™ selling process.
#3 Prospecting
Learn how to generate sales leads that convert without spamming the market.
#4 Persuasion
Master the art of closing sales and influncing others whilst improving your business communication.
#5 Platform
Become a "micro-influencer" and become known in your market.
#6 Practice
Use the SalesCoachTM software to practice and sharpen your sales skills.
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